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Ready for some ballbusting webcam training from cruel Mistresses? Then select the live cam feeds below and get your list of items to use in your online ball busting webcam show. We have hundreds of online brutal mistresses who are waiting to kick you hard in the balls right now.

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The most sensitive part of your body ruthlessly abused, stretched and pulled. A ball sack attached and heavyweights clipped on till your nut sack feels like it is being ripped from your body. That sicky, pit of your stomach feeling as your balls get stretched to their limits, and all the while your Mistress cackles with laughter at your plight and gets a sadistic pleasure from your suffering.

This is the fate that awaits you in a ball busting webcam session. Mean bitches online who are only too eager to get their claws into a slave’s fleshy groin and abuse it till he can take no more and then abuse it further.

This website is full of sadistic Mistresses who have cold hearts and zero empathy or sympathy for their slaves. You are nothing more than property to them. A thing to be ridiculed, mocked, abused and tortured and they want to hit you where it hurts the most. Right between the legs. Get ready to view cruel women at
All dominant females love cock and ball torture. The fear in your eyes as you await her approach. The way you tense as she gets close to your nuts and the yelps and screams as she tortures your junk. All the dominas on here are extremely inventive, cruel and creative when it comes to ways to dish out cbt on their inferior slaves.Are you ready for our orgasm control cams? Then click the link and start chatting live now


She can have you

– Slap your balls with your hand
– Hit them with a wooden spoon
– Tie shoelaces around the shaft
– Attach clothes pegs to the skin
– Attach ball weights

Ah yes, ball weights. The favourite way of most Mistresses. Forcing you to clip the parachute attachment, a leather device with a clip, conical in shape, and with 3 or 4 chains hanging from the end of it, round your balls and then having you clip more and more weights to them.You can also spend time checking out the different types of fetishes

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A 2.5kg, then another. A 1kg, then a 3 till your balls are stretched tight and you are having to stand with bended knees to try to alleviate the pressure on your poor testes. The parachute attachment creates a constant drag effect on your testes and a squeezing and squashing feeling is also evident.

Now she has you right where she wants you. She can now make you walk around. Gingerly and delicately, you will try to move and walk normally but each step causes the weights to swing, causing more aching. She might also order you to run.

Or perhaps she will have you jump up and down. That will really get that nut sack stretched. Or the ultimate, she might make you lift the weights up, count to three and then drop them. All that weight only stopped by the pulling on your testicles. You will have tears in your eyes and a knot in your stomach.

There are lots of dominant women online right now and they are looking to have some fun at the expense of an unfortunate submissive.

They are looking forward to having you at their mercy and making you scream and cry. These powerful women have no feelings of pity for you nor do they care how much you are hurting. They just want to abuse you till THEY are satisfied and you will just need to suck it up and do as you are told.Our strapon cams site have many fetish Dominatrix waiting to kick you hard where it hurts

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