February 5, 2018

Humiliation Webcam

Live Humiliation on Webcam

The live humiliation of slaves is happening on the internet right now and if you are a sub then this is where you deserve to be as well. There are hundreds of dominant females online right now who will be only too keen and willing to dominate and humiliate you. They love the thrill of making a male do all sorts of humiliating things for nothing more than her own personal amusement.

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There are many different ways you can be humiliated by a superior female and with the twisted imagination and cruel thoughts of these dommes, you will be utterly dejected and left in no doubt what so ever of just how insignificant and lowly you truly are.


The go-to act of almost every humiliatrix and dominant female. When she really wants to hit you where it hurts she will go for your cock size, or rather lack of it. Nothing is more humiliating than having a gorgeous woman tell you how tiny your dick is, how women do not want a penis that small, how women laugh at dicks that tiny and that you will never get a lady like her. They will make you measure it against small objects like baby carrots and chipolata sausages and they will also call you degrading names like maggot dick, baby penis and micro dick. The abuse and onslaught will be relentless and will shatter your self-confidence and leave you feeling utterly dejected and worthless.


All Mistresses are breathtakingly beautiful and all slaves desire them but they remain way out of your league. They are never going to have sex with the likes of you, or even let you see them naked or topless. What they will do instead though is take great delight in telling you all about the real men they fuck. Men with proper dicks and not the noodle thing you have between your legs. They will make you sit there, crushed, as they tell you how they kiss them and suck their dicks before they get fucked with their pussies stretched. They know how embarrassing it is for you to be made to sit and listen to this when you sport a 2-inch cock that could not satisfy any woman properly.


Another favourite of online Dominas. Making a male slave dress as a woman is utterly degrading and they know it. They love to take a reluctant male sub and force him into sissy panties, stockings and dresses before making him parade up and down, wiggling his ass and flashing his panties. It is degrading to slave boi but the goddess doesn’t care. She just wants you to feel totally emasculated and degraded wearing feminine clothing. She can make you wear a French maid outfit to become a sissy maid, dress as a total slut of just as a prissy sissy with a flowing underskirt and puffy dress. Whatever It is though she will use it to give you ultimate humiliation on webcam experience. Or our sissy humiliation webcam shows. View our kinky fetish cams here


The ultimate and only for the bravest of slaves. Ways to publicly humiliate a slave are varied and easier than you might think. They could be making him go to a store and buy ONLY a cucumber, ky jelly and condoms or she can make you go naked to the end of your street and back. Maybe she will make you wear an obviously feminine blouse instead of a shirt or perhaps she will snap your cock into a chastity cage and make you wear tight trousers so it shows it off to anyone you meet.


With a varied and colourful vocabulary, every femdom cams domina is perfectly equipped to give you a barrage of abuse and name-calling. Calling you the most disgusting, horrible and hurtful names they can think of they will give you such a verbal beat down you will be left on the brink of tears.

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Imagine having your dick locked away in a plastic cage, unable to cum or even get erect. You can not get a hard-on and have a wank. Instead, you remain chaste, denied, desperate, frustrated and always horny. Now imagine having to beg and plead with a superior female, at her feet, to unlock your dick so you can cum. Real men get to cum multiple times a day. Inferior male slaves like you only get to do it a few times a year. It is incredibly degrading to be on your knees, kissing the feet of a powerful woman and pleading for her to allow you to orgasm and this is an extremely effective tool in a dominatrix arsenal.EWe enjoy the whole joi cams giving you instructions on wanking

Making you beg for your most basic animal urge and then telling you “NO” is very humiliating and something you will need to get used to once she has that CB-6000 on you and she has become your online chastity key holder.
These are just a few examples of the way a Domme can administer live humiliation on a hapless slave like you. The possibilities are endless and each dominatrix online knows countless ways to put you in your place and bring you down a peg or two.
There are hundreds of goddesses available right now for you to serve and be controlled by and they are ready to get their claws into you and give you a big dish of humiliation.

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