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One of the best and most effective ways to control a male slave is by controlling his orgasms. Never a truer word has been spoken. “control the cock and you control the male”. The most popular method of inflicting orgasm denial on a man is by locking his cock in a chastity cage.  Masturbation control and joi ( jerk off instructions) Are one of the most popular types of requests for Dominatrix in a Cam show.

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Time for Orgasm control on webcam?

A little plastic cage shaped like a dick with a ring that goes around the balls and a padlock that locks it all together with a key that hangs between your online chastity key holding Mistresses neck. She will force that cage on you and make you give up your orgasms for her and then she has you right where she wants you. With no sexual relief and no chance to relieve the aching in your balls, she can now proceed to use tease and denial on you while you sit helplessly, forced to watch.

Your dick will strain to get hard, stopped by the cruel plastic, and you will squirm in discomfort. Begging for her to unlock you, your cruel Mistress will simply laugh and dangle the key to your freedom right in front of your face. So near and yet so far. Ready for the smoking cams? For hot girls to blow smoke at you as they tease you on webcam? Then click and start chatting and viewing now

She will make you humiliate yourself and perform degrading tasks simply to please her and if you refuse, hesitate or she even thinks you are not giving you all she will deny you the ability to get erect and cum. These mean bitches online will keep you locked up for days, weeks even months at a time with no thought to how much frustration you are in. They get sexually satisfied by big studs with big dicks. Why would they care about the problems of a pin dick loser like you?Watch fetish cams here


Strapon Cam Training
You will be controlled and manipulated and given head fuck games by these sadistic dominas. Dangling your key, sucking it, dropping it between their tits or putting it in their pussies. They will flash their boobs, wiggle their ass in your face or wear your most lusted after items of fetish clothing just to make your suffering all the more painful.
Enter the live femdom cams room of one of these dommes and be ready to have your life changed forever.


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